The link between the WCLUB and all WHome of Golf, Business Clubs, Business partners and the members representing the business golfers at all levels


Each WHome of venue selects an Ambassador who acts as the connector and link between the WCLUB and the member club. The Ambassador is well informed and an internally connected member or executive. He has a seat and voice in the Ambassador Board.

An Ambassador’s role is to:

  • Develop the WCLUB within the Club.
  • Communicate with the club management, the WCLUB Management, other Ambassadors and WCLUB partners.
  • Promote and coordinate WCLUB activities.
  • Build the reputation of the WHome of club to be the ‚go to place‘ the business golfers.
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Ambassador for Hungary


Ambassador for India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand and Nepal


Ambassador for Poland



Ambassador for Chambers of Commerce

Wing Commander

(Retd.) I N Khokhar

Ambassador for Pakistan

Co-publisher of
Golf Card International

He has been in the Golf Industry for over 20 years and has gained expereince in different sectors of the golf industry. Initially he started retailing a special and unique ultrasonic cleaning device for golf clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a co-owner of Swiss Sonic GmbH. Since 2014 he started as co-publisher of the Golf Card International and supports and provides services for all his customers. The card connects 2000 golf courses, 400 golf packages and over a million hotels. He developed an association that was founded under the Golf Card International which represents golf presidents on an international level and offers them many benefits and networking opportunities. He is now focusing on golf marketing at European and Internatinal level using Golf Card International as the platform. He is constantly finding ways to bring customers together to develop mutually beneficial cooperations on multiple levels. He is still a keen golfer and has been able to incorporate his hobby in to his everyday professional life.

Ambassador for Hungary

He has been involved in golf since 1996, he competed in many amateur tournaments in Hungary and Eastern Europe before deciding to give up his amateur status to start his training under the PGA to gain his PGA coach status. He has experienced tournament management whilst working at the Ladies European Tour event in Hungary and has since then has been involved in the organization of many events in Hungary. He is a qualified golf referee and gained experience in local and National events. His work has been focused mainly in Hungary as a golf coach and in management but recently widened his experience whilst working in the UK in the golf industry. He is looking forward to developing the World Golf & Business Club in Hungary as our Ambassador.

Ambassador for India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal and Thailand
Founder Tours For Us

Tours For Us is a pioneer travel company Headquartered in the capital city of New Delhi with five branches in Northern India. The Founder of the company, Mr. Avin Jain has over 25 years of expertise in customizing travel and has served thousands of discerning clients team of associate offices throughout the world, India and the subcontinent vouch for a delightfully unforgettable experience under his care. Multilingual staff, knowledgeable tour guides, attention to detail, quality transport, in-depth-insight of the terrain and culture will ensure a journey line none other. Mr. Jain has immense experience and expertise in large private charters, cruise liners, special experience in ground operations and has been a sole handling agent for the luxurious Palace on Wheels train. Himself an avid golfer, Mr. Jain is always game to weave in a golf tour for the keen golfers coming into the Asian subcontinent or wanting to travel for golf from India. He has been a key influencer for promoting Golf in the region, and has sponsored many tournaments including a Golf trophy run in his Late grandfather’s name. When you travel with Tours For Us you travel with experienced friends. A smorgasbord of adventure and experience lies before you to choose from Tours For Us offer customized destination management services ranging from cultural, sports, adventure, luxury, short excursion trips and leisure trips. Strong business relationships with leading hotels, airlines and other tourism related attractions enable the company to get special rates and preferential treatment for clients. If you want to explore culture, modernity, quirks, customs and experience luxury, festivals and cuisine. Tours For Us invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey together.

Ambassador Polen
Managing Director Binowo Park Golf Club

In golf business for over twenty five years, mainly as a Managing Director of Binowo Park Golf Club – one of the oldest in Poland. Board Member of Polish Golf Union 1998 – 2004. Creator of many business projects and events. Director of Europe of one of the biggest amateur golf tournaments – World Amateur Golfers Championship. In World Golf & Business Club since begining 2021 and looking forward to complete new goals with the Club.

Exklusiv golfen, Gründer, Hrsg.
CEO at plazz AG

Juergen Mayer founded with Journalist Yvonne Wirsing in 2009 golf magazine & city magazine In 2010 they launched the first edition of the CEO Golf Cup. It´s a networking golf circle with exclusive activities: Events; Tournaments & Specials. CEO GOLF connects like-minded and equal business-level people in the DACH region. Exclusive golf tournaments and an advanced networking platform brings together entrepreneurs with exclusive services. Juergen has a great network to golf playing C-Level executives in the DACH Area.

Beyond Juergen is shareholder and CEO at plazz AG, an IT Software as a Service company, working with 15 DAX Corporations but also serves a range of well-known Sports Clients.

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Sales and Marketing expert with more than 15 years of experience. His main strenght is to bring brands and business to a different scale, boost their sales and marketing with advanced tools. He was running campaigns, affiliate deals on budgets well exceeding millions of EURO / month. He was the sales and marketing director of one of the best golf resorts in Central Europe, here he learnt how to work with golfers, understands the specialities of the industry. Knows how to sell real estate and increase revenue of a golf resort, how to boost visibility with special marketing and PR activities.

Managing Director,

Alexander Joos discovered the unique and special fascination of golf while working as a greenkeeper at the golf resort “Der Öschberghof” in the beautiful area in south of Germany and learned to love the sport with all its facets. Already at a young age, he got to know the different areas of responsibility and fields of activity of the demanding luxury hotel industry, was able to gain far-reaching insights and gain valuable experience in different hotels. His experience as a construction engineer and his involvement in the planning and implementation of extensive projects in golf course construction complement his wealth of experience very much, and this has also enabled him to establish worldwide contacts. Today, he is shareholder and managing director of a globally positioned and operating mechanical engineering company

Ambassador for Mallorca

Since 1960 I was a youth member at the Haus Oefte Golf Club in Essen I was interested in the topic of golf in my private life as well as in my professional life. After a stay in the USA, I founded a company in Germany for the import of sporting goods, especially for golf and tennis. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Mallorca for a few years now and I have the experiences of interesting and successful business networking made while playing golf. The WCLUB gives business golfers the best opportunities combining golf and business networking, and not just in Mallorca but also worldwide. With my experiences on the subject of wine and events and with my business network, I like to support the business golfer community and am happy to be a WCLUB Ambassador to support other business golfers.

Wing Commander (Retd.) I N Khokhar
Chairman Loco Sevices
Pakistan Ambassador


Wing Commander (Retd.) I N Khokhar is Pakistan’s former National Golf Player. A commercially strategic, technically proficient in Sports Management and Administration – with an impressive record of success in running, developing and managing implementation of best-in-class quality projects – utilising experience of more than 40 years in the field of golf.
Starting as a golf player and then excelling to represent Pakistan’s national golf team from 1985 to 1999. Other than exceptional golfer, Wing Commander (Retd.) I N Khokhar has an enormous and premium experience in administration and management of Golf Clubs. Khokhar has led multiple golf course as Secretary and Administrator. He has been leading, consulting and advising the Pakistan’s chapters of multiple International golf series.

Khokhar has more than 4 decades of contribution in the field of golf; his vision is simply unmatchable.

Chairman of Loco Services, Wing Commander I N Khokhar said, “Loco Services has always believed in the promotion of golf within Pakistan. It’s a great honour for us to partner with the World Golf & Business Club. We look forward to developing this concept and development of the WCLUB in this region.”

Alan Rides
Managing Director of the Hounslow Chamber of Commerce and the West London Local Chambers

Alan Rides is the Managing Director of the Hounslow Chamber of Commerce and the West London Local Chambers. He has worked for the Department of International Trade and Diageo in the past. Alan has spent his career building brands and businesses in the UK, EU, USA, Africa, Middle East plus Asian markets and was recognised with awards from the UK government plus also from H.M. The Queen. A keen golfer, he enjoys playing in the UK and abroad including at his house in Florida close to Walt Disney World.